A Northern Agenda for progress


The EU Referendum has thrown British politics into turmoil. Completely absent from the debate has been any thought as to the implications for the North of England, which voted – overall – heavily for Brexit. We recognise that there were many different and contradictory reasons for that, including a strong sense of marginalisation in many Northern communities, socially, economically and politically. But we cannot ignore the strong undercurrent of racism which we completely deplore.

It’s time for a new Northern agenda based on progressive forced working together. The Hannah Mitchell Foundation is a cross-party voluntary association which is committed to social justice, extending democracy and a vibrant Northern economy. In particular:

  • We want to see a North which has much more responsibility for its own affairs, with democratic devolution – at the very least – along similar lines to that enjoyed in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and London but taking grassroots power much further, to neighbourhood level
  • We remain committed to Europe and believe that ‘another Europe is possible’ – based on social justice, mutual respect, tolerance and sharing – and is achievable in or out of the EU. We will build stronger links with our sisters and brothers across Europe, with full support for a ‘Europe of the Regions’
  • We want to see a blossoming of Northern culture which is inclusive, vibrant and diverse
  • We want a Northern economy which is expanding, with an emphasis on green industries and an expansion of Northern-based research and development
  • We want to see an end to hatred and intolerance, for a North that is a great tolerant and welcoming place to live and work for everyone
  • We want to reach out to our sisters and brothers in Scotland, Wales, Ireland and other parts of England to develop a modern, progressive federal Britain
  • We want to see political parties, civil society, trades unions, faith groups working together to achieve this agenda and putting aside their differences to achieve real change. This includes the longer term aim of electoral reform and in the short-term a progressive alliance at the next General Election

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June 29th 2016