We Don’t Want 3rd Rate Devolution Mr Osborne






Almost a week has past since the General Election and the Conservative government now find the subject of Devolution is a key issue.  The chancellor George Osborne recognises the problems of having a heavily over-centralised government but his plans don’t go anywhere near far enough.

The Northern regions should have similar devolution to that enjoyed by Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and indeed London.

A possible half-way house could be elected mayors for city regions like Greater Manchester but with a directly-elected assembly that would work with the mayor and provide democratic accountability.

The proposed model of a directly elected mayor with a cabinet of indirectly elected local council leaders is a recipe for chaos. At the end of the day, why should the Northern regions, with a combined population more than triple that of Scotland, settle for 3rd rate devolution?

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Written by Paul Salveson 14th May 2015