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HS3 should benefit all of The North


October 27th 09.00

To the news editor

PRESS RELEASE: (immediate)

The Hannah Mitchell Foundation has welcomed the report by Sir David Higgins on improved rail links across the North of England, with some major caveats.

Prof. Paul Salveson, secretary of the Foundation and a well-respected transport academic, said: “The proposed ‘HS3’ east-west high-speed line will be good for the North of England providing it is carried out in a way that gives maximum benefit to all of the North and not just the major cities. This has to be more than a pre-election gimmick and the project needs to involve all the relevant local authorities, not just the major cities. The lack of regional government for the North highlights the need for strategic governance of this project. The proposed ‘Transport for the North’ body is exactly the sort of agency we are saying should be democratically accountable.”

The Foundation stresses:

  • The route of the new high-speed line needs to take into account of the local communities and the environment, and minimise disruption. Using the former Woodhead line across the Pennines deserves serious consideration
  • There must be proper connectivity between the proposed HS2 high-speed line and the HS3 route, with direct links at Manchester and Leeds between the two networks
  • The high-speed line must be developed as part of an expanding Northern network which means a major improvement on the poor quality rolling stock passengers currently have to put up with. The North needs an  integrated, joined-up transport network; HS3 should not be an excuse for the Government to ignore the urgent need for the upgrade of existing services and other route re-openings e.g. Skipton-Colne
  • The construction phase should benefit Northern companies and it should be used to as a boost to high-tech manufacturing in the region by a firm commitment to ensure local companies are encouraged to compete for tenders for everything from infrastructure to rolling stock
  • A high-speed rail link should not be a distraction from the need to focus on an
  • Ultimately, however, the North’s transport needs are best considered by the people of the North. We should have the tax-raising powers to be able invest in our own transport and the ability to use our own assets to raise finance to fund the projects we need.


More: Paul Salveson 07795 008691

Re-forming the British State

New paper by Jeff Henderson and Ying Ho published in Renewal:

The upas tree: the overdevelopment
of London and the
under-development of Britain
Jeffrey Henderson and Suet Ying Ho
If there is to be any economic rejuvenation of
Britain’s nations and regions, then Britain must
become a federal state.

Read it here: Upas Tree – Renewal published version

Select Committee on Devolution: Time for a Northern Citizens’ Convention

The Hannah Mitchell Foundation has submitted its comments on devolution to the House of Commons Select Committee on Constitutional and Political Reform. We call for a clear commitment to directly-elected regional assemblies. Not an ‘English Parliament’ and not unaccountable and indirectly-elected ‘combined authorities’. We argue that there needs to be full and inclusive debate across the North, building up to a Northern Citizens’ Convention. This would complement proposals for a UK-wide constituional convention.

The full response is here:

HMF response to PCRC October 22 2014

Liverpool Meeting to discuss Northern devolution

Hannah Mitchell Foundation

After the Scottish Referendum: Devolution for the North?

Thursday October 30th 7.00pm

Quaker Meeting House, 22 School Lane, Liverpool L1 3BT (close to Central Station)

The Scottish referendum has changed the face of British politics. Further devolution is promised for Scotland – but what are the implications for England – and the North in particular? Can a new progressive politics develop in the North of England based around democratic devolution to regional assemblies?


  • Cllr Liam Robinson, chair of Merseytravel, Liverpool city councillor, Labour Party
  • Cllr Paulette Lappin, Sefton Labour Party
  • Cllr John Coyne, Liverpool Green Party
  • Paul Salveson, secretary Hannah Mitchell Foundation
  • Mike Dawson, Campaign for the North
  • Chair: Jenny Cronin, Hannah Mitchell Foundation

The Hannah Mitchell Foundation is a cross party think tank and lobby group promoting radical devolution for the North of England. Its president is Linda Riordan MP (Halifax).

twitter: @HannahMFdn

facebook: Hannah Mitchell Foundation


Daily Mirror poll on powers for the North

The Daily Mirror is running a slightly mad piece on devo-max for North of England today (October 1st). It includes an on-line referendum on ‘should the North have more powers’?

Please help us by taking part in the on-line poll and say ‘yes’ to more powers for the North!

Thanks! (and re-tweet once you’ve voted)

Paul (Hannah Mitchell Foundation)