Welcome to the Hannah Mitchell Foundation website!

We are a campaign for democratic government in the North of England. We are not tied to any party – our members are drawn from Labour, Green, Liberal Democrats – but most are ‘non-aligned’, We even have one or two Conservative supporters….

Following the Scottish referendum, ‘Devolution’ for England is well and truly on the political agenda. All the main parties say it’s a ‘good thing’. But we reject solutions which are not based on giving real democracy to the North – and that has got to mean directly elected government. Unison MarchWe want to develop new ways of doing politics, not just a re-hash of the increasingly discredited ‘Westminster’ model. A new North must be an inclusive North which recognises the huge demographic changes of the last 30 years.

We take our inspiration from Hannah Mitchell, socialist, suffragette and rebel. She was proudly ‘Northern’ and campaigned tirelessly across the North of England – for workers’ rights and a better life for women and children. She wrote some highly political sketches in Lancashire dialect (as ‘Daisy Nook’) for Labour’s Northern Voice in the 1920s – she believed that culture was important and should be for everyone, not just an elite. HMF imageShe was an active trade unionist and would have been fully behind today’s activists who are fighting to maintain public services (see right).

We don’t get funding from anywhere other than our members’ subscriptions – so we are dependent on people joining. And none of our officers get paid.

We encourage members to play an active part in the Foundation’s work – organising events, writing articles and generally promoting our work. We are very happy to provide speakers to organisations, societies and parties (both sorts!). Please use the ‘contact’ page to get in touch.